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巴黎人赌场官方网站   心身医学科是国家中医药管理局“神志病”重点专科。目前科室的中医特色诊疗技术有:针刺、电针治疗抑郁焦虑;走罐治疗实证型抑郁;周氏调神法治疗失眠等。治疗方案也从单一的方法发展为中西医结合的多种综合治疗方案,包括针灸、电针、走罐、中药、西药、个体及团体心理治疗等,为不同的患者选择适合的个体化治疗,突出中医的整体观念,在新的生物-心理-社会医学模式中,发挥中医特色的优势。

  The introduction of the department of psychosomatic medicine

  The department of psychosomatic medicine was listed in the key departments of “Mind Disease” by the National Chinese Traditional Medicine Administrative Bureau . Recently, the diagnosis and treatment technology with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics in this department includes using acupuncture and electro-acupuncture to treat depression, using moving cupping to treat empirical depression, using the “Zhou Therapy” to treat insomnia, etc. The treatment plan which has developed from using a single method to using a range of schedules combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, including acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moving cupping, traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, individual and corporate psychotherapy, chooses the suitable treatments for different patients, highlights the overall concept of TCM, and plays a significant role in a new biology-psychology-society medical model with characteristic of TCM.

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